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Galaxy Online partnership proposal to Free TON


01/19/2021 – received 10 000 USDT according to partnership proposal.

Date Received, BTC Equivalent, USDT Transaction
January 19, 2021 0.276 BTC 10 000 USDT a91e7...5abc7

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About blockchain

LONG NETWORK Core — Cryptographic decentralized network on an open source blockchain (based on bitcoin-core-0.12.1).
LONG NETWORK works on the principle of encryption of all outgoing messages. All messages automatically fall into a single blockchain, accessible to all network members, and the fact that messages appear on the blockchain is “seen” by everyone. But! Even the sender cannot determine which computer will ultimately “read” the message, since only the addressee who owns the secret private key associated with the recipient’s address can “read” the message.
Unlike traditional crypto messengers and networks, it is impossible to establish the very fact of “contact” of the sender and the recipient, which is the most compromising factor and makes it easy to decrypt messages by striking devices on the head.
The system uses addresses similar to Bitcoin network addresses, which can be created locally by the user in unlimited quantities.

In addition to being a messenger, the network also functions as a social network and chat rooms. In the future, the ability to create your own stores on the blockchain and other functions will be added.


Coin name: LONG COIN
Coin ticker: LONG (LNG)
Hash algorithm: SHA-256
Message Encryption Algorithm: ecdh and aes cbc
Coin Type: POW
Block time: 2 minutes
Premine: 0
Mined Blocks confirmation: 30 blocks
Transactions confirmation: 6 blocks
Block reward: 10 000 LONG
Fixed fee: 1 LONG/Кб

  • Short SMS — 1 LONG
  • Standard financial transactions — 1 LONG
  • The limit on the amount of data transaction is 64kB (max fee is 64 LONG)
    Multicast transactions with simultaneous transmission of coins and messages

Github: longnetwork (SteepPepper) · GitHub
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @longcoinofficial
Discord: Long coin Russi
Bitcointalk: LONG NETWORK on bitcoin blockchain with secret correspondence and marketplace
Exchange: LONG/USDT — Crypto trading – WhiteBIT
CMC: LONG COIN price today, LONG to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap
Coingecko: LONG COIN price, LONG chart, market cap, and info | CoinGecko
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