Report for 2022

Q1 2022

01/14/2022 - Awarding of participants of the CBT

01/17/2022 - Summing up New Year’s event

01/21/2022 - Report on the work done for January 15-21, 2022 on the Medium.

01/26/2022 - Partnership with blockchain Aurora

01/28/2022 - Launch the new game race Aurora

02/05/2022 - Report on the work done for January 22 - February 4, 2022 on a Medium.

03/11/2022 - Launch of the new site of the game in modern design.

03/11/2022 - Launch of game wiki in Russian - Главная страница | WikiGalaxy

Q2 2022

04/01/2022 - Big update the game market - Galaxy Online

04/04/2022 - Launch a new 2-level referral system for players

04/05/2022 - Announcement the new game mode - Seasons.

Today we are announcing the launch of the new game mode “Seasons”, which will take place on the International Day of Human Space Flight, April 12th!

“Seasons” is a session game mode that lasts for 10 days. In this mode players belonging to different races will be able to fight each other with completely new game rules that will change every 10-day session.

Within the framework of Seasons we will release a number of game updates:

  • Upgraded bombing mechanics;
  • Comprehensive Combat Reports;
  • Regeneration of buildings;
  • System of “Dome” planetary shields;
  • Rating system and rewards in in-game PTS tokens;
  • New planetary interface;
  • Improved referral system.

04/06/2022 - Announcement new game mechanics-Bombing (introduced in the 1st season).

In the Seasons mode all players will have access to a new type of planetary attack, which is bombing. To make a bombing attack on a planet you need to have Valkyries and energy in the fleet, as well as the ability to add a Titan ship to the fleet to capture the planet. Bombing works similarly to a blockade, with the fleet circling the planet and launching missile salvos at the planet’s infrastructure, gradually destroying the Shield Generator and then the other buildings.

A missile salvo occurs once every 10 minutes and consumes the energy stored in the cargo holds of the bombing fleet, getting a salvo of Planetary Defense Missile Towers in response. If the enemy defenses are successfully destroyed, the bombing fleet will attack the planet destroying the enemy ships, and then the planet will be captured by the Titan ship. After that the planet goes under the control of the invader.

04/07/2022 - Announcement complex combat reports (entered in the 1st season).

With the introduction of new bombing mechanics we have implemented new Updated Reports. Starting from now all bombing reports will be summed up in a single report that will show the current state of the bombing of a planet. There’s no need now to look through a lot of single reports of missile salvos and attacks — all reports are now summed up in one and you can view it anytime.

04/08/2022 - Announcement the regeneration of buildings (entered in the 1st season).

In Seasons Mode, we are introducing a new mechanic for restoring buildings after a bombing. All damaged buildings can now be restored to their original level if they survived the bombing and were not completely destroyed. If the planet is not under a Blockade or Bombing, buildings will automatically regenerate consuming energy.

The speed of restoration depends on their type and the maximum level of upgrade. Regenerating buildings is now many times faster than building them, but may require a lot of energy.

04/09/2022 - Announcement Systems of planetary shields (entered in the 1st season).

The system of the space shield, that surrounded the planet and prevented it from being attacked, has been modified into a system of “planetary domes”. Installing a planetary dome is similar to installing a space shield, but instead of preventing the planet from being attacked, the dome increases the health of buildings and increases the defense of spaceships on the planet.

The dome can be placed manually, or, in case of an attack or bombing, it will be placed on the planet automatically. Installing and maintaining a dome requires energy. The dome can absorb up to 50% damage to buildings and increase the defense of the fleet up to 100%, but it requires energy proportionate to the absorbed damage.

04/10/2022 - Announcement a new planetary interface (entered in the 1st season).

We are continuing with implementing the new game interface announced earlier ( , and the first changes will affect the interface of the planet. We are moving towards simplifying management of planets and interaction with them. In the future, we plan to expand this functionality, supplementing it with the ability to automatically build planets, the ability to choose from the proposed building templates or create custom templates, as well as the functionality for sequential building of fleet. We are positive that these updates will greatly help the players and improve their gaming experience.

Now we are introducing the planetary interface in the Seasons mode and will enhance it as it is being developed, expanding its functionality and ease of use.

04/11/2022 - Announcement a new rating system (entered in the 1st season).

Depending on the rules of the Seasons mode, players will receive a rating for completely different game activities. For example, in the first season, the rating will be calculated for fleet battles, bombing and planetary defense. At the end of the 12-hour period players will get a reward in PTS tokens depending on their rating. The higher your rating for the period compared to the ratings of other players, the greater part of the prize pool you will get.

The number of tokens distributed as rewards will increase every day, and at the end of the first season players will receive tokens on their balance and will be able to spend them on buying new cases containing NFT artifacts and more. By the end of the first season, we plan to release a unique Artifact Reforging mechanic that will allow you to create powerful artifacts and improve them. More details about it in the coming days.

04/12/2022 - Successful launch of the 1st season

04/22/2022 - Announcement Introduction of the designer NFT artifacts. Forging artifacts is the possibility of crossing NFT artifacts, in which the player will be able to increase the rarity of artifacts, change their characteristics and bonuses, as well as regulate power consumption!

05/02/2022 - Successful launch of the 2nd season

05/06/2022 - Launch seasonal store

05/10/2022 - Launch NFT forging artifacts to increase the rarity of artifacts during their crossing.

05/19/2022 – Successfully ended voting for extension of cooperation between the Galaxy and Everscale on the platform Everdao.

05/26/2022 – New NFT forging models of artifacts have been introduced.

Now 3 new mechanics forging artifacts are available:

  • Property Change: get an Artifact with a random Property by burning any 2 artifacts of the same rarity!
  • Bonus Change: change the bonus of any Artifact and get the highest stats!
  • Energy Consumption Change: reduce daily energy costs for using Artifacts!