Report for 2020

Q1 2020

01/05/2020 - Big update Galaxy.

01/06/2020 - Launched a store for the sale of game accounts in the game «Galaxy Online».

01/11/2020 - Successfully held the 1st Galactic Council

:writing_hand:Based on the results of the 2-day meeting, a new economic model was adjusted and a strategy for the development of the universe was developed.
:fire:In January, a full roadmap for the implementation of the new economic model and all upcoming changes will be published.

01/14/2020 - Introduced a prototype of the forthcoming graphics of the surface of the planets based on software generation.

01/18/2020 - Introduced game update to version 0.20.18 BETA

02/05/2020 - Launch CBT «GALAXY ONLINE 2.0».

:gift: Join to CBT «Galaxy Online 2.0» and receive valuable prizes and gifts from developers!
:eight_pointed_black_star: Dear players! We announce the launch of an additional closed server for testing. Up to 100 selected participants will be able to get into the new server.

02/19/2020 - Evaluation of work CBT 2.0

:rocket: Already 2 weeks passed since the launch of the Galaxy Online 2.0 CBT.
During this time, on a separate CBT server, we fixed many bugs and shortcomings (some of which are still available in the main Galaxy and the Academy at the moment), introduced and tested a lot of new functionality that will make the game more interesting.

:drum:The game mechanics have been completely redesigned, combats in space, the cancellation of the flying fleet, counter-reconnaissance and counter-attack have been introduced and successfully tested.
Important game mechanics have been introduced and tested, which will form the basis of the new economy of the game. Reworked missions and expeditions, introduced and tested new skills.
Work on the creation of a unified Galactic Market, which is at the completion stage, is successfully going on.

02/22//2020 - Galaxy successfully updated to new version 1.0.21 beta.

02/24/2020 - Launched chat of Galactic Market.

:fire: We have launched the official Galactic Market Chat ( @bipgame_galaxy_market ) where you can post direct links to your listings from the Galactic Market!
In the Galactic market itself ( Galaxy Online ) in the “My sales” tab in each of your lots, a direct link to the lot has appeared.

02/26/2020 - Game guides succesfully updated.

:fire: Attention to important changes:

  1. Introduced Points and Level, you can build buildings of the 20th level.
  2. The times of building constructions have been changed depending on the level of the Command Center.
  3. The times of building ships at different levels of the Spacecraft Factory have been changed.
  4. Valkyrie now has Attack on other ships = 10, and buildings left = 50.
  5. A player with a lower level spends less Energy on refueling ships on his planet when attacked by a player with a much higher level.
  6. Please note that on average, from 500 to 1000 Valkyries (and in some cases more) can die to break through one level of the Shield Generator!

03/14/2020 - We publish the announcement new economic game model.

:rocket: We have done a great job, the results of which we will introduce in stages, starting next week!
Recommended to all players! After all, in addition to the “Economic Model”, we described a lot of interesting things: the types of mining of the Solarium, the features of corporate galaxies, “Space Stations”, updated trade and production opportunities.

03/19/2020 - Game successful updated to version 1.1.01 beta.

:rocket: What is entered:

  1. Custom coins of corporations (validators of the Minter network)
  2. Dynamic exchange rate for the Solarium for custom coins and CHIP
  3. Possibility to plunder resources on foreign Orbital Stations (both minerals and Solarium)
  4. A new skill “Vault of the Solarium” has been introduced to counter the robbery of the Solarium, available for study in the Laboratory on the OS.
  5. Introduced the button “Graduate from the Academy”! Now every academician will be able to graduate into the open world himself!

03/23/2020 - Accrual rewards.

:fire:10,000 bip from the rewards accumulated from 1,000,000 delegated funds have been successfully converted into corporate coins and transferred to corporate special wallets! Solarium rates in all galaxies have increased!

:rocket: Now on the Galactic Market you can see Solarium courses in all corporations and galaxies online (Galaxy Online)!
Good luck in your battles, commanders!

03/25/2020 - Redesign Laboratory at the Orbital Station and new skills.

03/28/2020 - Аccrual rewards.

Q2 2020

04/01/2020 - Game successfully updated to version 1.1.03 beta.

:rocket: What is entered:

  1. Space Stations (in trading mode).
  2. Combined battles (sending support by the fleet to a member of their corporation).
  3. Sending minerals to a member of your corporation.
  4. Redesign of the game interface.
  5. Filters have been introduced in the Battle Journal: viewing the battle by planets or by the player.
  6. Fixed known bugs.

04/02/2020 - Accrual rewards.

04/062020 - Accrual rewards.

04/10/2020 - Accrual rewards.

04/15/2020 - Accrual rewards.

04/20/2020 - Accrual rewards.

04/21/2020 - Аnnouncement new graphics.
We are pleased to announce the imminent redesign of several planets. Among them will be a new redesign of the planet Minterium! Very soon…

04/23/2020 - English-language version of the official game video has been released.

04/28/2020 - Accrual rewards.

05/04/2020 - Accrual rewards.

05/05/2020 - Launch Galactic Lottery.

:game_die: We announce the launch of a lottery with a total prize fund equivalent to :warning:1,000,000 BIP​:warning:
:1st_place_medal: 5 prizes - Minterium planet with 5 mines*
:2nd_place_medal: 10 prizes - 10,000 Valkyries
:3rd_place_medal: Prize for each participant - ships, Energy and Solarium!

05/06/2020 - Update Galactic Market.

:fire:Galactic Market updated (Galaxy Online), while watching planets before buying, all buildings and their levels for each planet are visible.

05/07/2020 - Update Galactic Market.

05/12/2020 - Accrual rewards.

05/14/2020 - Game succesfully updated to version 1.1.04 beta.

:rocket: What is entered:

  1. Studying the Drawings for the production of Modules by corporations.
  2. Production of Modules according to the studied drawings at Space Stations.
  3. Transfer of Modules across space between players, use of Modules, robbery of Modules.
  4. Sale of Modules on the Galactic Market (Galaxy Online).
  5. Tickers of corporations in players’ nicknames.
  6. Fixed known bugs.

05/21/2020 - Sucessfully held II Galactic Council.

:fire: Today, the 2nd Galactic Council approved a new game economic model version 3.0
:writing_hand: The heads of all corporations assured the model, which was actively polished along with the main active players of all corporations. This is the first successful experience when almost the entire gaming community participated in the discussion and adjustment of global game changes.
:star: In view of the adoption of the new economic model of the Galactica Online game at the Galactic Council, together with the heads of corporations (validators of the Minter network nodes), it was decided to liquidate the CHIP coin and rebuild the gaming platform on BIP.

05/27/2020 - Game sucessfully updated.

:fire:Shields and Skills for Solarium or Energy!
We have successfully introduced the first update as part of the introduction of the new game Economy v 3.0.

:warning: Made:

  1. Shields on the planet can be placed not only for Solarium but also for Energy.
    1.1. Solarium Shield no longer requires Energy when placed. There are no restrictions per day on the number of Shields.
    1.2. When installing an Energy Shield, a different amount of Energy is required depending on the planet (its color and the number of places for mines from 3 to 5). At the same time, you cannot put more than 4 Shields on any planets per day.
    1.3. The “Shields” tab on the Orbital Station has been removed, Shields can be placed in the “Planets” tab on the OS.
  2. Skills can now be learned not only for Solarium but also for Energy.
    2.1. When learning a Skill for the Solarium, Energy is no longer required.
    2.2. When learning a Skill for Energy, the time for learning a skill increases by 2 times.

06/01/2020 - Game sucessfully updated.

:warning: Made:

  1. Step-by-step training tasks have been introduced in the Academy, after completing which the player can be released into the open world.
  2. Expeditions canceled in all galaxies, including the Academy.
  3. CHIP changed to BIP on the entire BipGame platform, including mini-games, Galaxy Online and Galactic Market (lots on the market that were in the chip automatically became BIP
  4. Purchase of Points for BIP is available.

06/04/2020 - Game sucessfully updated.

:fire:Academy, Galactic Market and TRON!
We have successfully introduced the third update as part of the introduction of the new game Economy v 3.0.

:warning: Made:

  1. Fixed identified bugs in the tutorial step-by-step tasks in the Academy.
  2. The Galactic Market has been redesigned - now all game values are grouped in tabs for ease of use on mobile devices.
  3. The maximum lot of Energy on the Galactic market has been increased to 1 billion. Previously, the limit was 10 million.
  4. Fixed a bug where buildings on planets were randomly mixed up.
  5. :fire:We have started creating the base galaxy of the new TRON race, and integrating the Tron warhead into the game.


06/18/2020 - announcement imminent changes.

:rocket:Now we are already testing integration with TRON in closed mode:

  • choice of Minter or TRON race during registration
  • registration and authorization with TRON, password recovery
  • replenishment and withdrawal of trx
  • single market for Minter and TRON

:fire:In parallel, work is underway on the creation of new buildings - realistic and animated.
Pictured is a prototype warehouse. Buildings for each race will be made in different styles/colors.

Q3 2020

07/07/2020 - Introduced into the game new planetary buildings.

07/11/2020 - Launched competition #FANstories GALAXY ONLINE for the best short story in the Galaxy.

0721/2020 - To the CBT server introduced new module abordage.

07/27/2020 - Published competition results #FANstories GALAXY ONLINE.

:trophy: Friends, all stories are available on the page fan club.

07/30/2020 - On CBT server began rocket testing!

:fire: Rockets will have different ranges and will be able to automatically reflect attacks on the planet (short-range missiles) or Blockades on the planet / CS (long-range missiles).
Rockets will be built and stored in Rocket Towers.

08/14/2020 - Launch mass test of the global pre-release update!

:fire: Main innovations:

  • Blockades, Missiles and new combat mechanics.
  • Automation.
  • Space Stations and unloading queues.
  • Revised coefficients of minerals.
  • The speed of ships in space has been increased by 2 times.
  • and more than 30 innovations…

25/08/2020 - Announcement of global update!

09/16/2020 - Published information about compensation when updating!

09/21/2020 - Global update sucessfully introduced!

09/22/2020 - Published Plan for the end of this month.

:rocket:Plan for the end of this month:

  1. Complete all remaining upgrade points and open battles
  2. Make it possible for the OS to smelt the excess fleet into energy
  3. Shields will work in both directions, but we will make it possible to cancel an already installed Shield (with partial compensation in energy)
  4. Upgrading Servers, raising your Tron node
  5. Website transfer to domain
  6. Let’s introduce the possibility of buying Points for Credits (the rate will temporarily be 1:1) and upgrading skills for Credits.
  7. Rework all guides.
  8. Completely translate the entire game and website into English. language
  9. Introduce a referral system
  10. Complete the player’s Personal Account (no Achievements yet)
    Upon completion of the points, exit to Tron!

09/24/2020 - Project changed address from to

09/29/2020 - An official video clip was rebuild in English.

Q4 2020

10/02/2020 - Update the game.

:fire: Galaxy Market is launched and works between races!

  1. In the Galaxy Market, the vulnerability has been eliminated, which allowed to generate energy.
  2. The market is now open for interracial purchases and sales. You can sell and buy on it all the lots between different races.

:rocket: A new skill “Extension of the hangars to OS” in 100 levels has been added. Increases hangars for storing spaces at an orbital station by +10k hangars for each level.