Report for 2021

Q1 2021

01/20/2021 - We announce the partnership between Galaxy Online and LONG NETWORK.

01/22/2021 - Announcement launching the Arena.

02/01/2021 - Video blog GalaxyOnline.IO Issue 1. With English subtitles.

02/01/2021 - Launch a new game race based on the Long blockchain.

02/25/2021 - Video blog GalaxyOnline.IO Issue 2. The ARENA. With English subtitles.

03/01/2021 - Connection to the game market USDT token on the TRC-20 to reduce commission to players (due to huge broadcasting commissions).

03/09/2021 - Launch the daily Arena with prizes in Ton Crystal. Arena is a separate tournament PVP game as part of an e -sports program.

:rocket: Congratulations to all players with the first arena!

03/16/2021 - Launch of a special section Tavern.

Now you can play PvP mini-games for Credits (CRE) bets:
:jigsaw: Space Battle (Galaxy Online) - analogue of Sea Battle.
:jigsaw: Duel (Galaxy Online)- is a unique 2-player game.
:jigsaw: Arena ( - you can create your Arenas for different rates, duration, type and number of players. So far, only one Arena can be launched at a time. It will start as soon as the required number of participants is typed.

03/29/2021 - Announcement presale nft-tokens of artifacts and commanders.

Q2 2021

04/08/2021 - The in-game market for the Free TON race is open.

04/09/2021 - Announcing a partnership between Galaxy Online and the NEAR blockchain

04/16/2021 – NFT Presale Announcement.

Artifacts (NFT for players, traders) can be crossed and create new NFTs up to 3 properties in one Artifact.
Commanders (NFT for players, collectors, investors, traders) can be pumped right in the game (with experience updates in the NFT itself) and leased to other players.

04/22/2021 – We announce the partnership between Galaxy Online and the crypto broker Coins.Black.

04/30/2021Pre-sale of Artifacts and Commanders NFT tokens has begun!

05/07/2021Launching a tournament in honor of the anniversary of Freeton with a prize fund 8000 Ton Crystal (about 4,000 USDT).

Read the tournament rules at this link
(FreeTON Anniversary Tournament with 7,000 TON Crystal Prizes – Telegraph)Tournament dates: from May 7 12:00 Moscow time to May 14 23:59 UTC
Prize fund: 8,000 TON Crystal (about 4,000 USDT)

05/14/2021 – We are announcing an information partnership with the Free TON House media resource.

05/15/2021The results of the first tournament.

The accelerated video clip of the Arena from the 1st tournament with a prize fund of 8,000 Ton Crystal, dedicated to the anniversary of Free Ton, which took place from May 7 to May 14, 2021.

05/20/2021 – We are announcing an partnership with the Paras marketplace.

We are preparing for the presale of Space Station NFT tokens on the Paras platform:
:dizzy: NotFoundParas

05/24/2021 – Galaxy Online has become part of the NEAR ecosystem.

05/25/2021 – Today there was an AMA session at Paras in text format in English.

You can watch the extracts at the link:

05/26/2021We decided to extend the 20% discount on the pre-sale of NFT Artifacts and Commanders.

06/07/2021 – New design tests have started on the CBT server.

In June, it is planned to introduce a large-scale game update that will affect the new combat system and a completely new game interface. Play will become more interesting and more convenient, especially from mobile devices.

06/15/2021Announcement of changes in the Academy, which are in development.

:mortar_board: The educational “Academy” of the Galaxy will be closed, and all new players will be born immediately in the main game and will have access to:

  • Redesigned line of tasks, with new tasks and special rewards.
  • Simpler and more understandable tasks.
  • “Novice’s Shield”, which will defend the Orbital Station throughout the training, no matter what planet it is on.

06/16/2021Announcement of the new line of training tasks and the achievement system.

:white_check_mark: Game tasks will be divided into several stages.
The first stage will be mandatory for all players and will teach them the basic game mechanics.
For completing tasks, the player will receive rewards.
Also, the player will gradually unlock new tutorial missions with rewards that will help you deal with all the game mechanics.
Completing missions will open up access to new game functions - capturing top planets, training high-level skills and expanding the boundaries of your Galactic empire.

:1st_place_medal: The Achievement System will be useful for players who have already mastered the game nuances.
Most in-game actions will count towards achievements and players will be able to receive additional rewards for routine actions. In the future, we plan to expand this system and add unique rewards that the player can place in his game profile - medals and titles.

06/17/2021The announcement of the new combat system.

In the new combat system, each ship will have its own damage type and unique defense indicators.
There will be 5 types of damage in total:

  • Plasma
  • Laser
  • Kinetic
  • Rocket
  • Rail

Damage types will interact with each other according to the “Rock-paper-scissors” system. This means that a ship with a certain type of damage will have its own weaknesses and advantages over ships with other types.

06/18/2021Announcement of the rebalance of spaceships and a new ship of the dreadnought.

In the update, we decided to change the stats of all ships in order to diversify the gameplay and create many variations of the combination of fleets on the battlefield.
Also, a new ship will appear in the game - the Dreadnought class “Abaddon” with rail weapons. The main sphere of its application will be the destruction of enemy heavy ships, but its cost will also be appropriate.

The game will have 5 classes of ships:
Light Fighters - Javelin and Loki
Heavy fighters - Hornet and Valkyrie
Frigates - Raptor and Hercules
Heavy Cruiser - Excaliber
Dreadnoughts - Titan and Abaddon

Combat and non-combat ships have been rebalanced within the class they belong to.
This means that it will not be as easy to plunder the Hercules caravans and fight the Loki cover fleet now!

06/19/2021The announcement of the features of the new combat system, namely, the scatter of guns.

Each ship will now have an indicator of accuracy that type of damage which the ship own.
One weapon will apply a lot of damage, but have a small accuracy, another type of weapon will apply less damage, but their accuracy will be noticeably higher.

How will it work?
Suppose we have a ship weapons with an 80% chance of hitting.
The value of 80% expresses the lower limit of the accuracy of the ship’s armament, the upper border is 100%. This means that in every battle our ship will apply a random amount of damage in the range from 80% to 100%.

In the future, we plan to develop this system, introduce new skills affecting damage to dams and spread guns as well as use it in updating with Motherships.

06/20/2021The announcement of the features of the new combat system, namely, the scatter of guns.

Today we wrap up our introduction to the Combat System and tell you about the latest feature - the Supremacy system!

As we already know, ships will have different types of weapons, armor classes and stats, and of course they will all have different weights and occupy a certain amount of space while in space, on a planet or in a blockade.
And it is logical to assume that in a battle between a large fleet and a small one, the large fleet will lose fewer ships, due to the enormous firepower.
We plan to implement this system by introducing the Superiority mechanics.

How will it work?
Let’s say Player Alpha has 100 Excalibers and Player Beta has 300.
As part of the superiority system, for every 100% oversize of the enemy fleet, Beta will receive an additional 12.5% protection.
And since its fleet is 200% larger, then the protection of all ships will be increased by 25% and will be able to increase up to a maximum of 50%.

06/21/2021Announcement of the rebalance of Space Stations.

This will be the first part of the update of Space Stations and the functionality of the gaming community, in the future we plan to introduce a series of updates that will concern the Stations and we will tie a lot of game mechanics to them.

As part of this update, the Space Stations will be upgraded to level 30 buildings and reworked the stats of all buildings.

06/22/2021Announcement of a new game interface.

When creating a new interface, we focused on the most comfortable game from any device: Smartphone, Tablet, PC. Therefore, the new design will be as minimalistic as possible, but at the same time informative. The player no longer needs to keep a meriad of different buttons and windows on the screen, all the necessary widgets can now be fold or expanded, leaving on the screen only what he needs at the moment.

06/23/2021Announcement of intra-game chat.

The chat will be implemented simultaneously with the new design and will include the following tabs:
General game chat - a place for communication with other players from all Galaxies, a single general galactic chat.
Galaxy chat - allows you to communicate with commanders who are within the player’s current race, exchange experience or engage in campaigning.
The Community Chat is a separate place for small talk or making plans to take over the Galaxy for Clan or Corporation players.
Private messages are analogous to messages from the current Mailbox, but with the ability to view the history of messages, send links to planets and conduct dialogues in real time.

06/25/2021Announcement of the new system of battle reports.

After analyzing the feedback from players, we decided to completely redesign the Battle Log.
The main changes will affect the Battle Logs, in addition to visual changes, each log will now have a corresponding type, of which there will be about 10 (Attack, reconnaissance, blockade, etc.), this was done for the convenience of searching and the ability to filter battle reports.
Additionally, we added the ability to search reports by players, planets and space stations.
Also, the ability to filter reports by periods, types and results of battles will be introduced.

06/26/2021Announcement of the optimization of the player’s interaction with his and other people’s planets.

You will no longer need to switch between many tabs, search for active fleets in support or blockade, switch between planetary radars to view all incoming and outgoing fleets.
This functionality is now accessible from anywhere in space, in one collapsible tab, where the player can select the information of interest to him and see all active timings.

06/27/2021Announcement of a new planetary interface.

As we wrote in the table of contents of a series of posts - The interface was conceived by us in the style of maximum minimalism and informational content.
Therefore, we decided to give the player the opportunity to customize the interface, displaying only the information that he needs at the moment on the planet.

Also, minor changes were made for the PC and mobile versions.
The module display window, the “Energy \ Solarium on the planet” tab and the entire interface of the planet’s interaction with the Orbital Station have been reworked.
Also added the ability to install a shield from the planet interface, Hyperjump and deliver Energy to the Orbital Station directly from the planetary interface.

06/28/2021Announcement of a new interface of Space Stations.

We have modernized the tab with Pirate stations so that you can know in advance from which planet it is better to go to capture pirate chests, and where you should not.
We also added the ability to search for the nearest space stations, so that it would be possible to arrange the export of minerals from each planet to one of the nearest stations and no longer carry minerals across the entire Galaxy.
Additionally, we redesigned the interface of Pirate and Space Stations to fit into the new game interface.

Next, we plan to expand the number of possible interactions with stations, add new functionality and expand the old one.

06/29/2021Announcement of a new interface of additional functions.

We decided to clean up the game interface of little-used buttons as well and moved them to the upper right corner. There will now be links to game Telegram channels, guides, market, rating and player profile.
We also redesigned all the corresponding in-game windows that are located there and decorated them in the style of the new interface.

Q3 2021

07/01/2021We are announcing a partnership with the DecimalChain blockchain.

07/08/2021 – A global game update, which was previously announced was introduced.

07/15/2021 – Global Academy update.

07/21/2021The launch of a new game race and galaxy - DecimalChain.

07/22/2021 – In-game market update.

07/27/2021Updates for corporations.

:rocket: Today we have implemented a new update regarding the research and construction of modules!
The research system has been rebalanced and recalculated according to the game balance and now the cost of researching and building modules has become more affordable for all Corporations!
:flying_saucer: The current research of modules for Corporations has been preserved, and compensation for research has been credited to the owners’ accounts in corporate Galaxies.
:vertical_traffic_light: The structure of research of modules like “Satellite” and “Boarding” has also been changed - now they are researched alternately.
Research on the Solarium Satellite module has been canceled.

07/28/2021 – The GalaxyOnline validator on DecimalChain network has been launched.

:fire: DecimalChain and COOPERATION
According to the previously achieved agreement on the DecimalChain network on the block # 5446933 Validator GalaxyOnline was successfully launched!

07/28/2021The allocation of a steak in the amount of 1,000,000 Ton Crystal as part of the cooperation of the galaxy and FreeTon.

08/04/2021 – The in-game market for the NEAR race is open.

08/19/2021Alert of the termination of authorization through the addresses of the cryptocurrency wallets of Minter and Tron.

Now you can log in only through Telegram and Near ID.

08/30/2021 - Big Update of the Galaxy Online. Combining galaxies on a single map

09/13/2021 - Article about the Galaxy on Free Ton House.

09/24/2021 - Announcement Creation of DAO.
Results and voting results for DAO candidates from players - Galaxy Online

Q4 2021

10/19/2021 - Full input nft space stations in the game.

10/21/2021 - Update PVP mini-games

10/27/2021 - Galaxy Online presented at NearCon2021

11/18/2021 - The main concepts on the game were published:




Space stations:


Orbital station:

11/18/2021 - Notification of the game community on the progress of work on the new premium graphics.

11/22/2021 - The first report on the work done for November 12-19, 2021 on the medium.

11/23/2021 - introduced into the game Space sectors.

11/26/2021 - Report on the work done for November 20-26, 2021 on the Medium.

11/30/2021 - Second anniversary of the project Galaxy online. Launching NFT skins of the planets and issuing NFT awards to players.

12/02/2021 - Launch of trading NFT Skins of the planets on the Paras marketplase

12/03/2021 - Report on the work done for 11/27 - 12/03 on the Medium.

12/10/2021 - Report on the work done for December 4-10, 2021 on the Medium

12/17/2021 - Report on the work done for December 11-17, 2021 on the Medium

12/24/2021 - Report on the work done for December 18-24, 2021 on the Medium. The announcement of the New Year’s event.

12/30/2021 - Launch of the New Year’s event until January 14 with various prizes, including DEL and Ever tokens